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GeoGAS has a NATA accredited Quality System.

GeoGAS delivers certainty in testing by ensuring its testing procedures and data analysis are of the highest quality standards. GeoGAS also has a comprehensive database for data validation.

GeoGAS' Wollongong and Mackay laboratories are accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.
GeoGAS is NATA accredited in gas content testing (Q1 by Calculation, Q2 and Q3), apparent relative density testing, gas chromatography testing of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen and oxygen at both its Mackay and Wollongong laboratories. In addition the Wollongong laboratory is NATA accredited in proximate and relative density analysis.
Wollongong Laboratory NATA scope of accreditation
Mackay Laboratory NATA scope of accreditation

Laboratory testing equipment

GeoGAS’ laboratory testing equipment is operated and calibrated in accordance with established work instructions and calibration schedules.

Highly trained laboratory staff

GeoGAS provides specialised on-the-job training to its laboratory staff and has documented procedures for laboratory work.

Result validation and report checks

All test results undergo an extensive validation and check procedure, before being released to the customer as a Final Report.