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The core of GeoGAS’ modelling suite is the gas reservoir simulator SIMEDwin. It underpins our gas drainage, gas production and gateroad emission modelling.

Typical applications are:

  • Design and refinement (through history matching) of surface to in-seam (SIS) wells, underground in-seam (UIS) boreholes.
  • Input to engineering design for pump specifications, water and gas handling.
  • Local or ‘life of mine’ gas and water production modelling for coal mine methane (CMM) and coal bed methane (CBM) applications.

Gateroad emission modelling is based on either empirical flow decline curves or more commonly SIMEDwin decline curves. It is a comprehensive model tailored to a specific site and gives the client control in assessing the effect on intake and return gas concentrations of parameters such as panel advance rate, panel length, two or three heading driveage, ventilation air requirements and intake/return pressures.

Unlike the widely used European models, GeoGAS’ longwall emission “Pore Pressure” model provides the most realistic longwall emission modelling, mimicking the actual processes involved. It is particularly suited to Australia’s high production rates and fundamentally distinguishes between carbon dioxide and methane emissions, reflecting their marked differences in desorption pressure. Like all models, it requires calibration to achieve its potential with the output leveraged through its ties to gas reservoir size determinations and, where empirical data exist, GeoGAS’ “response model”.

GeoGAS can assist in designing environmental monitoring schemes, post drainage and gas capture. Back analysis of longwall emissions based upon comprehensive and calibrated models. Operations support includes routine longwall emission surveys and longwall completion reports.