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Underground Australian coal mines have a long and widespread history of instantaneous outbursts of coal and gas (outbursts).

Every gassy underground mine has a management plan to combat this hazard. Fundamental to outburst control is the notion that if the gas content is reduced to a low enough a level, an outburst will not occur regardless of the severity of other conditions.  

GeoGAS’ fast desorption method was specifically developed to provide reliable and timely assessments of gas content as part of the “approval to mine” process.

Because a canister leakage, data inadequacies or an error can have serious consequences, GeoGAS takes the time to identify the source of these errors and minimise the likelihood of their re-occurrence. This level of quality control extends to all our testing applications.

Allied to the fast desorption method is GeoGAS Desorption Rate Index (DRI) which is used to set and review gas content outburst threshold values for mines generally.

Effective outburst management depends critically on where compliance sample cores are taken and their frequency. GeoGAS consultants can design sampling schemes to obtain the required number of cores at the least cost (surface or underground).

GeoGAS’ testing and modelling is evaluated against our extensive gas reservoir database - aiding the process of continual improvement.