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Prospect Evaluation and Due Diligence

Prospect evaluation and due diligence is an integrated study aimed at determining or reviewing a region’s CSG prospectivity. It informs decision making on the viability of a given CSG project and includes:

  • Review of regional and local scale geological, surface and subsurface maps to understand the extent of coal seams and their structure.
  • Evaluation of regional geological and geophysical data (gravity, magnetic and seismic data).
  • Evaluation of coal reservoirs, petrophysics, core analysis, well testing (DST and Production tests).
  • Gas production modelling including uncertainty analysis.
  • Compilation into a valuation model. 

Well Scheduling and Gas Production Modelling

  • Covering both coal seam gas and coal mine gas utilisation
  • Provision of below ground inputs to the design of surface infra structure
  • Well operation parameters
  • Field well layout and sequencing
  • Gas production forecasting using SIMEDwin

Resource Certification

Compliance with SPE PRMS guidelines, which are globally recognised by the Oil and Gas industry.
Reporting of P1, P2, P3 reserve categories.

GeoGAS has developed a standardised approach for preparing CSG resource/reserve reports that provides check-points to the evaluator ensuring regulatory and audit compliance by stock exchanges globally.