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GeoGAS can plan, build and project manage CSG exploration programs, both in Australia and abroad.

Project Planning and Training:

  • Planning and management of exploration program
  • Development and implementation of working procedures, safe operational procedures and job safety analysis for drilling and geological crews

  • Operations reporting of exploration results and borehole completion reports

  • Training, monitoring and evaluation programs for geologists and site personnel.

Field Gas testing and Rig Supervision:

  • Provision of field gas desorption facilities, featuring testing at reservoir temperature
  • Gas desorption sampling

  • Lithological, structural and geo-technical core logging, core photography and core sampling

  • Coal logging and sampling

  • Geological and geotechnical core logging and the onsite interpretation of down hole geophysical logs

  • Rig management, supervision and safety

  • Management of safety meetings concerning Job safety analysis and safe working procedures and implementing the changes.