Result reliability and safety critically depend upon high quality, fit-for-purpose gas canisters. GeoGAS canisters have been providing quality results to customers for over twenty years.

Our canisters use a stainless steel construction featuring a threaded head with “O” ring seal. The “O” ring seals are superior to cam lock fittings in both safety and sample integrity. GeoGAS’ design eliminates pressure gauge installation, thus removing a potential cause of leakage. Pressure is measured by an external gauge, attached to the canister.

The stainless steel design allows the canisters to heat up quickly and hold a constant temperature.

The design has been pressure tested to 2500 psi, and each canister is pressure tested annually to 300 psi, more than twice their highest measured operating pressure. For additional quality assurance, with each test and before dispatch to the field, canisters are leak checked by pressurising up to 80-90 psi and the pressure measured the following day for leaks.

Canisters are available in NQ, HQ or PQ specifications. Each canister comes with “Splits” to provide protection for the sample, and “Packers” are available to minimise void space within the canister. GeoGAS staff will be able to advise you when Packers are required.


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