Coal Quality Testing

GeoGAS has developed superior and NATA accredited Proximate Analysis and Relative Density Testing methods which combined with our highly trained laboratory personnel produces high quality and accurate results with extremely low reproducibility error.

The proximate analysis methodology developed by GeoGAS is state of the art, effective and efficient. Utilising an automated thermo-gravimetric analyser, the laboratory is able to analyse samples for ash, volatile matter and moisture in the same sample run.

Relative density and ash determination are an essential component of reliable gas content results. Determining the core sample’s relative density and ash properties allows the laboratory-measured gas contents to be corrected to the seam ash.

Sampling bias can be a significant issue in obtaining accurate results. GeoGAS is able to eliminate the effects of sampling bias in the laboratory by using relative density and ash measurements. GeoGAS is able to fast-track results as we validate coal quality data as it is analysed against our extensive database of historical data. Where GeoGAS undertakes the proximate analysis, it eliminates the need to get any outlying samples re-tested after reports have been issued.


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