Fugitive Emissions

Services Offered

Technical Consulting

  • Comprehensive data validation, test adequacy and uncertainty assessment
  • Fugitive emission factors per NGERS Method 2 for Open-cut mines
  • Reporting of Method 4 fugitive emissions for Underground mines
  • Gas reservoir models to underpin FE estimates
  • Life of Mine (LOM) fugitive emission assessments baseline evaluation/liability assessment
  • Modelling of mine gas production, including pre and post drainage
  • Technical audits of fugitive emission estimates
  • Fugitive emission mitigation assessments

GAS Reservoir Testing

  • NGER-compliant gas content and composition testing (NATA Certified)
  • Gas adsorption isotherm testing
GeoGAS Fugitive Emissions 2
GeoGAS Fugitive Emissions 3
GeoGAS Fugitive Emissions 4
GeoGAS Fugitive Emissions 1

Skills and Qualifications

Our consulting team features:

  • Qualified “Estimators” per competency to NGERS requirements in estimating fugitive emissions for coal mines
  • Reservoir and gas drainage simulation specialists (SimedWIN)
  • Statutory mine competencies

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