Q1 Training

Reliable gas test results begin with well-trained field staff.

The most common errors in gas content testing occur during ‘Q1’ measurements in the field.

For this reason, we believe this course is essential training for any field staff using our testing services.

Attend the course and learn to:

  • correctly assemble testing equipment in the field
  • take accurate gas readings in the field
  • safely handle canisters, seal a core sample in a canister, prepare a canister for transport
  • correctly label samples and record field data.

GeoGAS delivers this course on-demand, free-of-charge at our Mackay and Wollongong laboratories.

GeoGAS also delivers on-site training for a fee (to cover transport and time costs). Please speak to one of our Laboratory Managers for further information.

Call to book free-of-charge Q1 training.


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