Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Assessment

Learn directly from one of Australia's leading experts in the field of coal seam gas management.

A Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Assessment course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the properties of Coal Seam Gas reservoirs, and improve your skills in coal mine gas management, production, design and optimisation.

Attend the course and learn to:

  • Understand gas reservoir assessment from measurement to analysis and application.
  • Design and implement a gas testing program
  • Estimate gas resource size and uncertainty
  • Apply to outburst assessment and control, gas drainage/emission modelling, CMM production forecasting.

Who should attend the course?

This course is recommended for staff involved in exploration, coal mine gas management and gas utilisation.

Participants typically include:

  • Geologists
  • Mining Engineers
  • Mine Planning Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Technical Services Managers
  • Operational staff and service providers

It is also suitable for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of coal seam gas management and gas production.


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