Sorption Isotherm

Isotherm testing is a critical input parameter for determining gas content.

Sorption isotherm testing is used to determine the gas holding capacity of a coal or shale sample (i.e. how much gas the sample could hold at reservoir temperature and pressure).

GeoGAS has been providing gas sorption isotherm (both CH4 and CO2) analysis for various coal mining and coal seams gas exploration companies since 1999. GeoGAS has performed in excess of two thousand isotherm analyses for over thirty customers in Australia, New Zealand and China, and has the capacity to analyse multiple samples at a single time at reservoir temperatures ranging from ambient to 90°C.

Isotherm testing is conducted on either an "as received" moisture basis (moisture remaining in the sample, once it is removed from the gas canister, wrapped and stored in the freezer) or “equilibrium” moisture basis, as desired by customers.

Please note that reservoir temperature logging data is required for specification of isotherm tests.


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